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Pen Dosimeter

0 - 200mR.
0 - 2mSv.
0 - 5mSv.

Doserate Alarm Unit Graetz Gammasmart

Pocket size, for personal radiation protection, X-ray and Gamma detection, light and acoustical pulse repetition rate.
Sensitivity : counting rate at 3µSv/h, approx. 1 count/min.
Doserate Alarm lamp Graetz GWL 10m
4 alarms (7,5µSv/h, 25µSv/h, 1mSv/h, 10mSv/h), optical and acoustic alarm, X-ray and Gamma detection, energy range : 40 KeV – 1,3 MeV.

Doserate Meter X5C+

X-ray and Gamma radiations measuring.
Large digital indication of measured values on LC display.
Automatic or manual storage of dose rate values together with date and time.
Dose rate rage : 0nSv/h – 20 mSv/h, 0nSv – 10 Sv.

Telescope probe DE for X5C +

In stainless steel, extendable up to 4,1m.
Low doserate : 60 keV – 1,3 MeV   - High doserate : 60 keV – 3 MeV.

Electronic Dosemeter GPD 100

X-ray and Gamma radiations measuring.
4 alarm thresholds and display of dose and dose rate.

Doserate Meter 6150AD5 and Accesories

Automatic probe detection (automatic range).

DMC 2000S

Personal monitoring.

Radiation warning signs

Radiation warning signs
Radiation barrier tapes.
Isotope handling tongs.
Anti X-ray gloves.
Anti X-ray aprons.
Anti X-ray glasses.