Non destructive testing

Designer and manufacturer of X-Ray & Gamma Pipeline Crawlers, IPSI has been operating in the oil and gas sector as a pipeline specialist since 1984.

The NDT activity created by professionals with a long experience in non-destructive testing on site has developed a complete offer of equipment and products to meet, with its Crawlers, the complete and necessary need for your projects.  

IPSI has established a long and loyal relationship with its partners and customers to offer quality products adapted to site requirements. 

Through its experience, IPSI "Partner of your projects" accompanies you and brings all its advice and recommendations to carry out your projects, as much for tenders as for specific or on-size requests.


More particularly:

  • Pipeline Crawlers X-ray or Gamma-ray.
  • X-ray generators.
  • Gamma-ray projectors and accessories.
  • Radiation safety material.
  • Radiographic films and chemicals.
  • Mobile or semi stationary darkrooms.
  • Processing machines and darkroom equipment.
  • Ultrasonic Testing, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle equipment.

This list is not exhaustive; please consult us for information or specifications.