Pipeline crawler IRIS

IPSI has been manufacturing and selling in-pipe automatic Crawlers designed by specialists having a large experience in pipeline radiographic inspection field and perfectly aware of worksite requirements and conditions. IPSI Crawlers are robust, reliable, easy to use, reduced maintenance with accurate operating characteristics for onshore and offshore pipelines. IPSI Crawlers range in X-Ray and/or Gamma-ray includes three models : IRIS 6, Iris 10 and Iris 10XS onto which the required radiographic equipment is configured : either a Panoramic X-Ray generator or a Gamma-Ray projector. This product line covers all pipe diameters from 6’’ to 60’’ included. The mechanical and electrical components are selected carefully to provide the IRIS range with a good reliability and operating autonomy.

“Interchangeability and modular design” are the main characteristics of the IRIS Crawlers allowing you to adapt all configurations to the pipelines to be tested and its environment, making their originality.

Manufacturing and Quality Management
IPSI Crawlers are manufactured, tested and inspected according to the specific procedures of our Quality Management ISO 9001.

Safety of use
Due to the high sensitivity, the detection head only requires 20mCi 137 Caesium 137 (740 MBq) radioactive source. IPSI also has developed a magnetic system for certain condition of use. IPSI Crawlers, in Gamma configuration, are fitted with a safety ejection motor with automatic source storage in case of power-loss.

Robust and reliable
The operators can themselves perform first level of maintenance thanks to the interchangeability of Crawler spare parts.

On-site customer service and maintenance
Carried out all countries by IPSI or local representatives. Spare parts are available from stock with a compatibility between the different versions of an identical range to perpetuate your investment..    

IRIS 6 X-RAY & GAMMA Crawler

For onshore and offshore pipelines diameter ranging from 6 up to 18 inches.

IRIS 10 X-RAY & GAMMA Crawler

For onshore and offshore pipelines diameter ranging from 12 up to 60 inches.


For onshore and offshore pipelines diameter ranging from 14 up to 60 inches.

IPSI Crawlers features

  • Various programs available including for onshore and offshore.
  • Designed in 3 parts for using on site and easy transportation.
  • Designed for all sites : desert, mountain, country, and lay barge.
  • 2 batteries for a better propulsion and X-Ray autonomy.